DesignLab is a new digital composition center providing students advanced design consultancy in new media forms. TA consultants from across campus will deliver services in four areas:

  • research design (definition of topic, identification of materials and methods, desired outcomes)

  • data design (design of databases, information visualization, information design and architecture)

  • media design (graphic design layout, video editing, sound design, web interactive design)

  • experience design (design of user experience, from rhetoric to game design to installations)

Located in College Library's Computer Media Center,DesignLab will complement services provided by the Writing Center and DoIT's Software Training for Students by focusing on conceptual and aesthetic dimensions of emerging scholarly genres, including digital storytelling, graphic essays, theory comix, video essays,TED talks, RSAnimates, podcasts, radio shorts, wikis, blogs, and smart games.

DesignLab is funded by the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates (MIU) and opens in the fall of 2011.

More detailed information about DesignLab can be found in the full proposal here.

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For more information, contact Prof. Jon McKenzie, DHI Coordinator.