faculty development seminar

In Spring 2009, a Faculty Development Seminar in Digital Humanities gathered faculty, librarians, and technologists to explore the areas of new media studies and practice, as well as digital inquiry and teaching.

The seminar also identified institutional needs, resourses, and collaborative links. Participants produced a White Paper, "Enhancing Digital Humanities at UW-Madison," articulating avenues that digital humanities could take at UW-Madison. For more details, download the White Paper.

Led by Prof. Jon McKenzie, the seminar was sponsored by the Center for the Humanities, the Institute for Research in the Humanities, with support from the General Library System and the Division of Information Technology. Participants included:

Susan Barribeau (Libraries)
Susan Bernstein (English)
Gudrun Buhnemann (Languages and Cultures of Asia)
Michael Connors (Art)
Ivy Corfis (Spanish and Portuguese)
Tracy Curtis (Afro-American Studies)
Greg Downey (Journalism and Mass Communication)
Michele Hilmes (Communication Arts)
Rob Howard (Communication Arts)
George Johnson (Engineering)
Lee Konrad (Libraries)
Michael Jay McClure (Art and Art History)
Jim Muehlenberg (Division of Information Technology)
Mark Nelson (Design Studies)
Lisa Saywell (Libraries)
Marc Silberman (German)
Anja Wanner (English)
Michael Witmore (English)