dighum affiliates

Susan Barribeau (Libraries)
Michael Bernard-Donals (English)
Susan Bernstein (English)
Jim Brown (English)
Gudrun Buhnemann (Languages and Cultures of Asia)
Blaire Bundy (Division of Information Technology)
Bruno Browning (Learning Support Services)
Jill Casid (Visual Culture and Art History)
Linda Jorn (Division of Information Technology)
Laurie Beth Clark (Art)
Michael Connors (Art)
Rebekah Willet (School of Library and Information Studies)
Ivy Corfis (Spanish and Portuguese)
Tracy Curtis (Afro-American Studies)
Cheryl Diermyer (Division of Information Technology)
Greg Downey (School of Library and Information Studies & Journalism and Mass Communication)
Kristin Eschenfelder (School of Library and Information Studies)
Jonathan Gray (Communication Arts)
Jeremy Morris (Communication Arts)
Meg Mitchell (Art) Eric Hoyt (Communication Arts)
Michele Hilmes (Communication Arts)
Steve Hilyard (Art)
Rob Howard (Communication Arts)
Brad Hughes (Writing Center and Writing Across the Curriculum)
George Johnson (Engineering)
Adam Kern (Visual Culture and East Asian Languages & Literature)
Daniel Kleinman (Holtz Center for Science & Technology Studies)
Lee Konrad (Libraries)
Carrie Kruse (Libraries)
Tom Loeser (Art)
Dave Luke (Libraries)
Michael Jay McClure (Art and Art History)
Sarah McDaniel (Libraries)
Jon McKenzie (English)
Bilge Mutlu (Computer Science)
Mark Nelson (Design Studies)
Christine Pawley (School of Library and Information Studies)
Eric Raimy (English)
Lisa Saywell (Libraries)
Diane Sheehan (Design Studies)
Marc Silberman (German)
Kurt Squire (Curriculum & Instruction)
Catherine Stephens (Media, Education Resources & Information Technology)
Robin Valenza (English)
Ed Van Gemert (Libraries)
Anja Wanner (English)
Morris Young (English)
Sue Zaeske (Assoc. Dean for the Arts and Humanities)